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Join the World of Dance

Our dance school offers a large variety of dance classes for all skill levels. Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping each dancer achieve their highest potential, while also having as much fun as possible. Have a look at our classes below to find the one that best meets your needs.

Classes: Classes


 3 years +

Classes are well structured yet relaxed and friendly and are delivered in a fun and supportive environment. Children learn balance, coordination and how to control their bodies while beginning to acquire the fundamental skills required. Children will enjoy mastering the steps and routines. Children are encouraged to laugh, learn and dance.

Young Ballet Class


6/7 years +

Classes follow a professional syllabus for children to develop the classic technique required in ballet while exploring with their imagination in creative ways. Students get individual attention while the class is kept collaborative. Children are encouraged to believe in themselves, strive to do their best and smile lots.

Girl Dancing Shoes


6/7 years +

Classes are full of rhythm, musicality and dynamic movement. Technique and strength is developed through a number of mini routines, Relaxation of the knees and ankles is important for this style of dance and is encouraged throughout. Routines are choreographed to a wide variety of music styles to encourage strong use of rhythm and fast footwork. Children are encouraged to make noise, create rhythm and bop to the beat.

Boombox Music Player


6 years +

Classes captivate children with fast paced and strong powerful movements danced to the latest chart music. Students of all abilities love taking this class, as it gives them the opportunity to learn new movements and easily showcase their talent. Whether they are looking to learn new dance moves or hone in on existing talent, this class is suitable. Students receive individual attention while also being part of a group to develop key performance skills. The style is funky, creative and so much fun. Children are encouraged to move and groove to the beat.

Close Up of Tap Shoes


10 years +

In this class, students learn and develop more advanced footwork, rhythms and steps in a fun and friendly environment. This class is fast paced but no one ever gets left behind. – there's plenty of time to master the combinations while building tap dancing confidence. Students will develop an understanding of weight transference, co-ordination of arms, feet and head and how to use performance skills to enhance their tap. Students are encouraged to be daring, brave and dance with flare.



10 years +

Classes are designed to stretch and further students dance abilities to improve their classical technique and stimulate creative minds. Ballet technique will be taken to the next level with students learning movement requiring physical strength in the muscles while letting go of tension to fully enjoy the experience of dancing gracefully. Students are encouraged to perform, move with grace and move with elegance.



12 years +

This class allows students to explore and develop dance creatively. Students learn a variety of kicks, spins, turns and feet and arm combinations to varying rhythms and musical styles. Classes are structured to prepare students for physical strength and flexibility required to demonstrate emotion in dance through interpretation of any musical genre. Students will develop the skill of showing the contrast between expansion and relaxation through movements and learn to isolate in a slick stylish mood. Students are encouraged to show emotion and their love of dance.



18 years +

Classes are tailored to suit the needs and abilities of participants. This class is all about having fun, keeping fit and learning tap steps and routines. There is never a dull moment and you are guaranteed to gain tap skills while laughing at time. All abilities welcome.

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